Alex Hayward - Photographer, Perth WA.

I always found the concept of photography unique even from a young age, the ability to just freeze time as it is proved intriguing to me. It was until I was in my teenage years until I discovered I had a passion for photography when I began photographing my friends at the skate park, naturally I started to widen my circle and travel to a variety of skateparks around the Perth area. Around this time I also started to video my friends now I had upgraded to the canon 600d which was huge for me then. A few years later I found my self primary doing photography work for a number of venues and club nights at the age of 18. I progressed my skills and grew confidence to start shooting larger scale events such as festivals and many international headline shows. Today I shoot a variety of work such as portraits, weddings, music and food festivals, events and personal projects.

My style to me represents a sense of minimalism, heavily inspired by colours, tones and natural defects film provides the user with.


HBF Stadium, Red Bull, Corona, ABC Blinds, Origin Fields, Banx, One Hit Agency, Hidden Festival, Bunbury Beer & Cider Festival.